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Eva Snowden


Fairvue Plantation


Possible Parents include Aggie (see Individuals), Ned and Barbara Snowden, and Edmun Snowden; Sister to Sally Ann Smith; Children include Peter Snowden, Neal or Sarah Lane, Gus Lane, Baby Love Baker, Eldridge Baker, Ruffin Baker, Bennie Baker, Finnes Baker, and Gertrude (possible last name Baker).


1900 – US Census records listed Eva Snowden (45). She was the head of the household and seven of her eight children were living with her in the Peach Valley area of Sumner County (Betsy, Mark, and Hannah Baker are recorded living next door. Many other former enslaved people from Fairvue lived in this area). Her children listed in this census included Peter Snowden (23, born March 1877); Neal or Sarah Lane, age 17 (born May 1883, although some records say 1893); Gus Lane, age 13, (born August 1886 or 1889); Baby Love Baker, age 8 (born June 1891); Eldritch or Eldridge Baker, age 6 (born November 1894); Ruffin Baker, age 3, (born November 22, 1895 or 1896); and Bennie Baker, age 6 months (born November 1899). Based on the changes of last name between her children it is believed she was married to a Snowden, a Lane, and finally Mark Baker (son of Betsy/Bettie Baker).

1910 – US Census records an Eave Snoton (likely a spelling mistake on the part of the census taker) living alongside Nettie Baker (27) as the head of household and working as a laundress. Also living there are Eva’s children Eldrage Baker (now 16), Ruffin (now 13), Ben Forter (likely Bennie, now 11) and Finnes (4).

1920 – US Census records listed her as 61 years old and living with Ben, age 40; Finnes, age 38; Wilkins, age 34; and Gertrude, age 30. (The children’s ages do not make sense given the previous two census records). Also living a few doors down is Sally Ann Smith (42) and her nephew Richard Snoton (Snowden) age 21.

1923 – May 2 – The death record for Gertrude Jackson (31) listed Mark Baker and Eva Snowden as her parents.

1930 – US Census records listed her living in Peach Valley with her sister Sally Ann Smith (62), a widow. Eva was being able to read and write and was working as a laundress for a private family.

1940 – US Census records listed an Eva Snotten (again misspelled) age 80 living with her grandson Fred Jackson (25). Next door is Sally Ann Smith (72).

Other Possible Sources:

1870 – US Census recorded an Eva, age 12, was the daughter of Richard Dixon, age 28, and his wife Hannah, age 22, and sister, Dinah, age 3.

1941 – January 25 – Tennessee Death Record No 48403 was for an Eva Snowden. She was listed as age 62 with her parents being Ned and Barbara Snowden. The informant was Jas. E. Baker.

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