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Self-Guided Gardens & Grounds Tour



Belmont Mansion was the centerpiece of Adelicia Acklen's summer home and the center of the nearly 177 acre estate. Never a plantation, the farmed acreage on the estate supported the house and all its inhabitants. The grounds included a rose garden, various gazebos, water tower, greenhouse and a large collection of animals. The property served as the first public park and zoo in Nashville, open to the public six days a week. 

Gathered here are sound clips to narrate a walking tour or you can explore the landscape virtually. The links to the virtual tour include historic photographs and a podcast to immerse yourself in the Belmont estate.


Use these sound clips to accompany you on your self-guided tour of Belmont Mansion's elaborate grounds. Begin your tour in front of Belmont Mansion. 

Belmont Mansion Garden & Grounds Audio Tour

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