History at Home

Botanical Illustration

Botanical illustration is an ancient art that is just as applicable today as it was hundreds of years ago. Fun fact? It was one of the earliest female occupations. Bonus? It requires little in the way of tools to begin practicing, and is a great way to be outdoors.

Did you know a Parlor was originally a room used for a religious purpose? Learn more about that here, along with the rules to a Victorian Parlor Game you might recognize by its modern equivalent.

Three Kingdoms - a Parlor Game

Digital Puzzles 

It wasn't easy making maps before satellites existed, but that is exactly what cartographers did. Watch to learn more and to see some cool hand drawn maps from our collection!

To download a project description and math ratio worksheet click here.

Map Making

At Home Scavenger Hunt

Think you don't own objects that are similar those Adelicia had? Think again as you look for things at home that are the equivalent of some of our collection items.

Baking at Belmont

Cooking and baking at large Southern homes like Belmont would not have been possible without the skilled hands of enslaved African Americans. Learn more about the cook here at Belmont, and the first cookbook published by an African American here.

To download the recipes used in the video click here.


Need something fun to do at home? Try your hand at these digital puzzles. You can choose the number of pieces, from 30 to 300!

Belmont Digital Puzzles


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Photos by Ed Houk