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Belmont Mansion's story begins in 1853 and continues to today.

It's the story of a house

~ one of the most architecturally significant houses of the 19th century south ~

and the story of the people who built, inhabited and supported it.

Their stories are shared here.

Explore Belmont Mansion and its story through these pages. 

History of the Place and People

Adelicia and Joseph Acklen designed Belmont Mansion as their home and as a statement of their political and social aspirations. Here they entertained visitors and raised a family on an estate built by enslaved African Americans and European servants. 

Belmont Mansion Grounds Painting  3-9-17
Work on the Grand Salon floor

Explore the Collection

Adelicia and Joseph Acklen were as interested in the art they filled their home with as they were the design of the house. Today a significant percentage of original furniture, paintings, statues, and other pieces of art are located throughout the house. Many of them are cataloged here. 

Child's chest of drawers
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