Carte-de-Visite: Adelicia Acklen, full length

Date:  ca. 1866

Back stamp: 

J. H. Van Stavoren's

Metropolitan Gallery,

53 College Street

Nashville, Tennessee,

H. Hall, Photographer


Province:  Adelicia to her sister Corinne Hayes Lawrence to her daughter Katherine Lawrence Poyntze to her daughter Mary Poyntz Scott to her daughter Katherine Scott Kator to her daughter Mary Kator by gift to Belmont Mansion Assocation


2016.06.04 By gift of Mary Scott Kator

Adelicia Acklen (Carte-de-Visite)

  • This Carte de Visite of Adelicia is labeled J. H. Van Stavoren’s Metropolitan Gallery, 53 College St, Nashville by H. M. Hall.  Van Stavoren worked from 1865 to 1871.  Hall worked with Van Stavoren from 1865-1867[1]. These dates confirm this full length photograph was made soon after Adelicia’s return from the Grand Tour in September of 1866.  She is shown standing, most likely attired in a gown purchased while in Europe.  


    Adelicia is pictured in a dress which could have been used as an evening or dinner dress typical of 1866 or 1867. It is one of the few images in which she is not wearing a walking dress or visiting dress. This dinner dress or the evening dress would have been worn at a formal dinner party or to an evening event like a reception, concert or party. Around the middle of the 1860’s the volume of the skirt began to accumulate at the back, and though this photograph does not feature a distinct bustle, there is a lengthening of the back of the skirt creating a very brief train. Trains also became more distinctive during this time. Adelicia’s dress demonstrates the shifting style of the mid 1860’s.


    Mark Brown

    Grace M. Allen



    [1] Reynolds, Recorded in Nashville:  A Visual Record by City’s Early Photographers.  Parthenon Press 1980. P 29-30. 


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Photos by Ed Houk

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