Horticulture at Belmont Mansion

July 11, 2017

Adelicia Acklen’s Belmont estate was known for its grounds and gardens. In addition to the stunning landscaping, guests were amazed at the two-hundred-foot long greenhouse and conservatory. Adelicia’s third husband, Dr. William Archer Cheatham, was very interested in horticulture and took great interest in the Belmont gardens. The 1860s and 1870s saw great interest in horticulture, which included elaborate public exhibitions and detailed reports of arrangements featured in local newspapers. As a result, gardeners were held to the status of modern day rock stars during this period of plant mania. 


Below is a list of plants that were exhibited from Belmont. While the Latin names may not be the ones used today, they are copied from period newspapers.  Some spellings have been changed to conform to 21st century usage.  When the same plant was exhibited the second time it is not included in this list.  Comments featured in parentheses feature possible names for each plant.