Artist: William Henry Rinehart (1825-1874); American working in Rome

Year: 1866

Medium: Marble

Size: NA

Original Location: Front Hall

Adelicia Acklen ordered this piece in Rome on February 27, 1866 and instructed that the names “Laura & Corinne” be carved on one side, and “Twin Sisters” be carved on the other side. This was a type of memorial to two of her ten children. Laura and Corinne Acklen had died at the age of two of scarlet fever. Adelicia placed this piece in the Front Hall in the same location that it is today. William Rinehart, an American born sculptor, was part of a large expatriate art community working in Rome and Florence. The Sleeping Children was one of his most popular works for which he received over 20 commissions. Adelicia’s was the second commission of this work.



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Photos by Ed Houk