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Fairvue Plantation and Belmont Mansion


Possibly the mother of Eva Snowden Baker


According to family tradition, Aggie was the name of Adelicia’s personal maid who also sometimes took care of the Acklen children. She may be the ‘dear’ nurse mentioned in an unpublished manuscript of William Acklen (Ackland) who traveled with the family to New York in 1866. Supposedly Adelicia offered to take Aggie [unnamed] with them to Europe but she refused to go since she had recently married a man named Sam who was “young enough to be her son.” It is believed she was the mother of Eva Snowden Baker.

Note - With no last names we have been unable to located Aggie and Sam in New York or Nashville. There are several Aggies in Sumner County by 1880. See also Frances, who named in period family letters as the children’s nurse.

Other Possible Sources:


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