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Make a general donation to Belmont Mansion. Your donations provide much needed funding to support our mission to restore and share Belmont Mansion with visitors from around the world.  You can make a donation online (via PayPal), through the mail or by phone. 

Donate to the Restoration of the Grand Salon

The completion of the Grand Salon floor has many people asking us what’s next. Just look around, much of the space is still covered with mid-20th century finishes, not mid-19th.  Our goal is a complete restoration of the room, which is one of the most architecturally important rooms in Tennessee remaining from the antebellum period.

Donate to Tamera Alexander's Campaign for Ruth

Belmont Mansion provided the setting and inspiration for three stories written by successful novelist Tamera Alexander. Now, the site is pleased to be chosen by this gracious author as the recipient of a dollar for dollar match pledged by Mrs. Alexander towards a fundraising campaign designated to conserve one of the most significant original pieces of statuary in the house. Mrs. Alexander is asking you to join her, as a friend, as a supporter of Belmont Mansion, or simply as someone who values this unique sculpture.

Donate to Sculpture Conservation

The sculpture in Belmont Mansion's collection is of four mediums: marble, bronze, parian, and terra cotta. Today, five works of sculpture in marble, all by American artists working in Rome, are not only the centerpieces of Adelicia Acklen’s collection: Ruth Gleaning, Sans Souci, Rebecca at the Well, The Sleeping Children, and The Peri, but also significant to the cultural and historical tradition of American art. Contributions to the sculpture collection are designated to the needed conservation of those pieces.



If you would like more information about donating to the Belmont Mansion Association please contact:


Mark Brown




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Photos by Ed Houk

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