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Hanna Baker


Fairvue Plantation


Daughter of Betsy/Bettie Baker; Sister of Ruffin and Mark Baker


1900 – US Census records listed her as 42 years old and born in 1858. She was the head of the household. Also living with her was her brother Mark (age 53), nephews Willie (age 22), Mark (age 18), and another nephew whose name is illegible, possibly Early (age 15), and her mother Betsy/Bettie (age 80).

1910 – US Census records listed Mark (age 56), Hanna (age 53), and Betsy/Bettie (age 90) all residing together.

1920 – US Census records listed Mark (age 68), living with Hanna (age 64), and Betsy/Bettie (age 107, but more likely 101). It is noted Mark and Hanna could read and write; Betsy/Bettie could not read or write. The age discrepancies are within a logical margin of error for census records.

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