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Fairvue Plantation and Belmont Mansion


Son of Betsy. Sibling of Harriet, James, Alexander, Amanda, and Ive


1847 – September - Listed in September inventory of Isaac Franklin’s estate as Betsy’s fourth child and belonging to Adelicia given to her by her father O. B. Hayes. No previous record of this transition has been found, but it is plausible this happened in 1839 when Adelicia married Isaac.

1849 – May – Listed in Joseph Acklen marriage contract as belonging to Adelicia.

1856 – A letter mentioned Joe was supposed to wash the flowerpots after Mr. McGrady emptied

1857 - October 8 - Listed in legal document in which Adelicia changed the trustee of her estate from her father, O. B. Hayes, to her husband, Joseph Acklen.

1860 – A letter mentioned Joe was to help Mary put up lace curtains in the mansion.

Other Possible Sources:

1868 – May 5 – A Nashville newspaper reported that a Joseph Acklen was seriously stabbed. The paper later reported on May 26th that he was recovering well.

1870 – US Census recorded a Joseph Acklen (Mulatto) age 25 as a domestic servant. He was born in Tennessee (as were both his parents) and listed as unmarried and living downtown in Ward 1. His address was the same address as H.H. and George Hammer who were stable keepers. 1877 – The Nashville City Directory listed a Joseph Acklen as a Hostler working for S.[amuel] C. Black’s livery stable Located at 121 North Cherry Street. He was living at 21 North First Street.

1878 – The Nashville City Directory listed a Joseph Acklen working for J.W. Alexander, another livery stable, but only for one year. This is the same place a James Acklen is working, who is possibly Joseph’s brother.

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