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Mark Baker


Fairvue Plantation


Son of Betsy/Bettie Baker: Brother of Ruffin and Hanna Baker; Husband of Eva Snowden


1900 – US Census listed Mark Baker (53) as born in 1847 and living with his sister Hanna (42) and mother Betsy (80) born in Virginia. His occupation was a farmer. Also living in the household are some possible children of his (they are listed as nephews of Hanna) including Willie (22) born in 1888, Mark (15) born in 1881) and a 15 year old boy (possibly Early) born in 1884.

Other Possible Sources:

1878 – December 28 – A Marcus Baker married Fannie Howard in Sumner County.

1880 – US Census records listed a Marcus Baker (27) married to Fannie (19) with an 8 month old son named Willie. However, Marcus listed his mother as born in Tennessee.

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