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David Anderson McGredy

C. 1826 - Unknown
Hannah Bornes (wife); David McGredy (son)
1854 – September 23 – He became a naturalized US citizen in Nashville.

1855 – January 3 - D. A. McGredy appeared in a Nashville newspaper advertisement for his nursey, Linwood a partnership with McGredy and Carmichael. The location is “three miles out Hillsboro Pike”. This was one mile from Belmont. The last advertisement for the nursery appeared that same year on December 23.

1856 – November – Adelicia wrote in a letter that he was to empty the flower pots.

1858 – David leaves Belmont by June to go into business for himself. In October, he was in the nursery business with Mr. Montgomery (at the same location as Linwood). The partnership was called Montgomery & McGredy.

1860 – By April, his business with Montgomery is in receivership. The US Census for this year listed him living with his wife Hannah B., 20 years of age also born in Ireland. They have one child, age two and born in Tennessee. Together the couple would eventually have seven children.

1866 – February – David began purchasing land (about 8 acres) near Belmont, on Hillsboro Pike to run a successful nursery and greenhouse business. He was also an active member of the Horticultural Society and exhibits regularly at exhibitions.

1870 – Either he or his son (also named David) become involved with the public school system around this time and serve as a commissioner.

1892 – He retires from the nursery business around this time.

1899 – March 29 – Date of his death. At the time of his death he was a member of Moore Memorial Church (Presbyterian). His wife Hannah Borne (also spelled Bourne and Bornes) dies on September 10, 1902 at her home on Johnson Avenue. Both were buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Section 6 lot 153. Hannah’s sister also lived in Nashville by this time and was married to John W. Morton, the Secretary of State.
Last name sometimes spelled McGrady.
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