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Josephus Tucker

Mary Tucker (wife); Rebecca, Josephine, and Laura Ann (children)
1850 – US Census records enumerated on October 24, 1850 listed him living on the Belmont Estate as the overseer. He was 27 and could not read or write. Thirteen enslaved people are already living here as well while Belmont Mansion is being built.

1855 – December 20 – Mr. Tucker was mentioned in a letter as still at Belmont.

1860 – US Census listed him living in the Goodlettsville area, near Nashville. He was a farmer with $500 worth of land and $650 of personal property. He now can read and write. He is married to Mary age 30, born in Tennessee and has two daughters, Rebecca, age 6 and Josephine, age 4.

1863 – He and his wife have another daughter, Laura Ann (1863-1902) who marries a Williamson
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