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Owen Sharkey

1820 - 1879
May 1869 – First documented working at Belmont as a gardener

1870 - June – He was living and most likely working for the Lishley family greenhouse business.

1871 – He returned to work at Belmont sometime this year and remained until at least October of 1872. Following his work at Belmont he becomes the first greenhouse keeper at Mount Olivet when they build their first greenhouse.

1863 – July 9 - The Nashville Daily Union mentioned him as superintending the Horticultural Department at the Tennessee Insane Asylum. Other newspaper articles mention that he was born in Ireland around 1820 but trained in Scotland and worked in San Francisco as a gardener before moving to Nashville.

1868 – March 6 - In a paper given to the Penn. Horticultural Society, he was listed as a gardener at the Tennessee Insane Asylum.

1879 – July – He died in Shelbyville, Tennessee while working as a gardener for Mr. J.D. Whilhoite. Sharkey was buried at Willow Mount Cemetery in Shelbyville. (Find a Grave #92805763)
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