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William Blair

July 1841 – possibly 1879
Mary Sullivan (wife)
1865 – Likely employed at Belmont as a gardener between May of 1865 and May of 1868

1868 – September – William is documented working for P. L. Nichol

1869 – The Nashville City Directory for this year lists him boarding at 307 Board Street.

1870 – He begins working as a gardener at the Tennessee Insane Asylum and works there through at least 1873, while possibly also working for P. L. Nichol.

1873 – August 23rd – On this date, the Republican Banner reported that the preceding week a marriage license was issued for William Blair and Mary Sullivan. His wife was likely the same Mary Sullivan (22) listed in the 1870 census as P. Lindsley Nichol’s cook (whose name was misrecorded as Lindsely P. Nichol). She was born in Ireland about 1848. Also in the household is Ellen Sullivan, also from Ireland, working as the Nichol’s children’s nurse. P. L. Nichol opened a seed store in 1871 or 1872 at 15 North Summer Street, which is likely where William and Mary first met.

1875 – The couple likely moved to California

1878 – February 12th – On this date, the Nashville Daily American reported that Mrs. Mary Blair, wife of William Blair, formerly of Nashville, died in San Francisco. She was buried at Calvary Cemetery on Jan. 26, 1878. Her body is later moved to Holy Cross Cemetery in San Mateo County California. []

1879 – November 13th – A William Blair died in San Francisco. He was 38 years and 4 months old and a native of Scotland [San Francisco Examiner, Nov. 14th, 1879].

1881 – A William Blair is listed in the Oakland City Directory as a nurseryman

1882 – A William Blair is listed in the Oakland City Directory as a gardener

He has not been located in the US Census of 1860, 1870, or 1880.
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