1860 Slave Census


The following census data shows the Slave Schedule, or list of slaves, living at Belmont Mansion in the year 1860. The only person listed by name in the Slave Schedule was usually the slaveowner, in this case Adelicia’s husband Joseph Acklen. Typically the age, gender, and color (black or mulatto) of each slave is given. Slave schedules usually listed slaves by age and not by family groupings. Beneath the Slave Schedule of 1860 is information about Belmont Mansion from the agricultural census of 1860. The agricultural census for any given year detailed information regarding a farmer’s crop production.


Slaves at Belmont*

Age        Gender                Race

45           Female                 Mulatto|
30           Female                 Black
30           Male                     Black
30           Male                     Black
25           Female                 Mulatto
25           Female                 Black
25           Male                     Black
25           Male                     Black
24           Female                 Mulatto
24           Male                     Black
22           Female                 Black
22           Male                     Mulatto
20           Female                 Black
20           Male                     Black
20           Male                     Black
18           Female                 Mulatto
18           Male                     Black
18           Male                     Black
16           Female                 Black
15           Female                 Black
13           Male                     Black
12           Male                     Black
11           Male                     Black
10          Female                 Mulatto
8            Female                 Black
6            Female                 Black
5            Male                      Black
4            Male                      Black
3            Male                      Black
3            Male                      Black
2            Male                      Black
1             Female                 Black



*Slave Schedule, United States Census, 1860.
+United States Agriculture Census, 1860.



Horses: 14
Mules: 6
Milk Cows: 6
Other Cattle: 15
Sheep: 20
Swine: 15
Value of Livestock: $5,650
Bushels of Indian Corn: 500
Bushels of Oats: 300
Wool: 40(?)
Bushels of Irish Potatoes: 75
Bushels of Sweet Potatoes: 75
Pounds of Butter: 350
Tons of Hay: 40


Slave Information*

Total Number of Slaves(West Feliciana and Belmont): 691
Belmont: 32


Slave Age Range: 1-45

Number of Males: 18
Number of Females: 14
10 Male adults
10 Female adults
12 under the age of 15
10 slave cabins
8 brick cabins with 2 rooms each



Turkey House
Poultry House
Stable and corn crib
Barn with shed
Overseer’s House





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