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Fairvue Plantation and Belmont Mansion


Son of Betsy. Sibling of Harriet, Alexander, Joe/Joseph, Amanda, and Ive


1847 – September - Listed in September inventory of Isaac Franklin’s estate as Betsy’s second child and as belonging to Adelicia given to her by her father O. B. Hayes. No previous record of this transition has been found, but it is plausible this happened in 1839 when Adelicia married Isaac.

1849 – May – Listed in Joseph Acklen marriage contract as belonging to Adelicia.

1857 - October 8 - Listed in legal document in which Adelicia changed the trustee of her estate from her father, O. B. Hayes, to her husband, Joseph Acklen.

1862 – Jim (possibly a nickname for James was sent to Adelicia’s brother, Oliver Hayes, in Brentwood, Tennessee. A letter from October 2nd, mentions him getting meat. One on November 13th specifically mentions turkeys. [McGavock Hayes papers TSLA Manuscript. # 785 (letter # 29 in Belmont Mansion files)

1863 – Another family letter states that Adelicia had some papers she wanted sent to her brother but she was “afraid to send them when Jim went for fear the Inspector might object to them and then might take the other things I wanted to send I mean your sugar and buckwheat…”

Other Possible Sources:

1870 – US Census recorded a James Acklen living in Nashville, age 45 and born in Tennessee. He was listed as a “stable servant” living with his wife Irene, age 30 and son Stephen, age 12 who was a race horse rider, and Lem, age 4. Stephen is double counted, because he is also listed as living at the race track with a number of other riders and workers. Lem likely died at the end of June 1873. [Nashville Union & American July 1, 1873]

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