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Fairvue Plantation and likely Belmont Mansion




1847 – Mortimer was listed in an estate inventory of Isaac Franklin as being the cook at Bellevue Plantation and owned in share with John Armfield. It appears that Adelicia and her Father O.B. Hayes took him to the house they had rented in New Orleans on Canal Street. It was first rented by Isaac Franklin and Armfield (the contents of which are also listed in the estate inventory).

1849 – May – Listed in the marriage contract between Adelicia and Joseph Acklen as belonging at least partially to Adelicia. The document states that she had “an undivided interest of money” in him.

1850 – June – Mortimer is listed (with no last name) as a cook on the Louisiana Plantation, Belleview. Adelicia had half interest in him valued at $500. At this time, the house at Angola had not been completed and the Acklen family were still living in the house at Belleview. [Court case inventory page 834]

Notes - In 1861 Mortimer was not listed as part of the Acklen property used for collateral for a loan (this included some but not all of the Louisiana plantations). It seems likely Mortimer was brought to Tennessee sometimes after June of 1850.

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