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Ruffin Baker


Fairvue Plantation


Most likely the son of Betsy/Bettie Baker and John Baker; Brother of Mark and Hanna Baker


1847 – September 28 – He was listed on the inventory of Isaac Franklin’s estate as two years old.

1870 – April 23 – Ruffin married Mary Jane Sergeant (born 1850).

1900 – US Census recorded that Ruffin (54) was born in 1846 and living with his wife Mary Jane (50) born in 1850. The couple had the following children: John (born 1869), Celina (born April 1882), Alex (born October 1892), and Anna May (born June 1893). Two grandchildren were also listed in the record: Brutus (born September 1892) and Margaret or Martha Ann (born August 1889).

Notes - There was a Mark Baker who was likely the son of Ruffin (not listed in the notes above), born in April 1875, and married in 1895 to Hannah, also born in April 1875. According to the 1910 census, Mark and Hannah, both age 34, lived with their children, Henry, age 14 (born May 1896), Anthony, age 11 (born June 1899), Parker, age 8, Jennie, age 6, and another son, Dorsey, age 3.

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