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Belmont Mansion is fortunate to have a Board of Directors that help to guide the workings of the home. This board includes prominent members of the Nashville community who have experience in historic homes, history, community outreach and development. We are grateful to this group of individuals who devote their time to the betterment of Belmont Mansion. The Board convenes on Wednesdays in September, November, January, March, April, June and August. 


Ruth Jarvis Clements, President

Dana Blickwedel, Treasurer

Deborah Lovett, Immediate Past President


Pam Abbott

Taylor Agan

Cindy Blazy

George Clements

Bonne Crigger

Kristoff Hart

Brenda Jackson-Abernathy

Pam Lewis

Ashley McAnulty

Dianne Neal

Connie O'Loughlin

Jane Richards

Anne Shepherd

Lyssa Styers

Steve Tanner

Jim Thompson

Joe Woolley


Myers Brown, Ex Officio

Dianne Berry, Ex-Officio

Steve Lasley, Ex Officio

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Board of Directors

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