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Charles Luizard

Ca. 1849 - 1873
Footman and possibly carriage driver
1866 – He appeared on the ship manifest as a servant traveling with Adelicia when she returned from Europe. He was 15 or 6 years old at the time and worked as a footman and possibly a driver. In a story in the Republican Banner, October 10, 1866 liveried servants are mentioned on Adelicia’ s carriage. In November the same year Albigence Waldo Putnam, an elder in First Presbyterian Church, mentioned Adelicia arriving at church with French driver on a carriage box in livery and with cockade.

1868 – October – A Charles was mentioned in a letter of Adelicia’s as being “as lazy as ever. I have had him all day stringing red peppers”. It is unclear if this is the same person.

1870 – US Census listed him as working as a cook at the Maxwell House Hotel.

1873 – February - The Republican Banner printed a story about his death from a train accident. This story recounts that Adelicia brought him from France to work as her footman and then he went to the Maxwell House Hotel before going to work for the railroad. While working as a brakeman for the railroad on February 20th, he fell from a train and broke his arm in several places. The arm was amputated at the St. Vincent Hospital and he died on February 25th from complications of the surgery. He was buried in what is now an unmarked grave at Mount Olivet Cemetery. [Section 2, Lot 14, range 1]
Last name also spelled Louigard.
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