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David Henderson

C. 1825 - Unknown
Jennette (wife); Mary (daughter); George (son); Harriet (daughter); Andrew (son)
1860 – US Census listed him living in the overseer’s house at Montvale. He was 35, born in Scotland as was his wife, Jennette, age 35. Their first three children; Mary, age 10, George, age 9, and Harriett, age 6 were all born in Scotland. One child age 6 months, Andrew is born in Tennessee.

1862 – December – David was no longer at Belmont.

1863 – David is selling large number of mules to the Federal Government

1864 - By August he is operating a livery stable at 84 Cherry Street.

1865 – 1866 – The Nashville Business directory listed David Henderson operating a livery stable at 103 North Cherry Street and living at 108 North Cherry Street.

1866 – April and May – David Henderson was part of a court case involving government fraud in 1863. Henderson was one of several men who supposedly received fraudulent receipts for the sale of mules to the army during the Civil War. After being arrested, he posted a $35,000 bond.

1866 – August – Joe B. Fisher and M. S. Combs have taken over the stable lately occupied by David Henderson on Cherry Street. This makes it likely that David and his family left Nashville in late 1866 as no David Henderson appears in the 1867 business directory.

1871- Mary Henderson, oldest daughter of David Henderson dies in Dalkeuth, Scotland on November 29, 1871. Mary H. Henderson, wife of Dentist, Robert Bailey.

Other possible references:
1866 - There is also a David H. Henderson listed in the 1866 and 67 city directories who is a house painter and boards on Market Street. Typically, a man with a family would not live in a boarding house. In May of 1866 he is appointed Judge in the 4th Ward for receiving votes in the election in May of 1866.
No David Henderson’s can be found in the 1870 City Directory.
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