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Mike Mullins

1820 - 1907
Workman and later gardener
1853 – Mike immigrated to the United States, entering in Blair County, PA

1854 – He declared his intentions to become a US citizen.

1859 – The Nashville City Directory listed an M. Mullins as a laborer for M. Jackson & Co.

1866 – The Nashville City Directories listed an M. Mullin (no s) working as a laborer

1868 – October – Mike was first mentioned by Adelicia as a workman

1869 – Adelicia mentioned him again in letter. He and John are on the place and staying in the cottage (most likely the gardener’s cottage). In the same letter, she mentioned either Grey or Geny were becoming unreliable and that a change of gardeners was of great advantage.

1870 – US Census records him living at Belmont as a common laborer and born in Ireland in 1820

1878 – June 28 – Mike becomes a US citizen. [p. 613, Min. Book Q].

1880 – US Census now records Mike as a gardener.

1889 – The Nashville City Directory listed him working as a gardener on Church Street at the corner of Boyd.

1900 – US Census recorded that he was 81 and born September of 1821. He was single and boarding on Kayne Street.

1907 – January 14 – He died at the age of 87 in Nashville and was buried at Calvary Cemetery in what is now an unmarked grave.
An M. Mullin and a Michael Mullin are both listed as members of the 10th regiment, Tennessee Infantry, which was organized in Fort Henry, Tennessee in May 1861 and included members from Nashville and Davidson County, including Adolphus Heiman. Also, a Michael Mullin was listed as a stone mason in the 1868 and 1869 Nashville City Directories. However, this is likely not the same person as Mike Mullins was working at Belmont at that time.
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