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William C. Rock

1864 – December – Documented working at Belmont

1865 – May – He was still working at Belmont

Notes -

1866- October 19 – A William Rock starts advertising, in the German newspaper Tennessee Staatszeitung that his bar, in a what appears to be a conservatory, located in German Town, North Nashville.

1866- November 3 – A William Rock was mentioned in a Nashville Union and American article as selling a lot in the city to Oscar Bohne for $950.

1867 – February 24 - Last advertisement for the bar published in the Tennessee Staatszeitung.

1867 – June 2 - Lucinda R. Rock, wife of a William Rock, was noted in a Nashville Union and American article as having been granted a divorce by the Chancery Court.

A William Rock has not been located in the 1860 or the 1870 census.
He cannot be located in the 1860 or 1870 US Census records.
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