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Cheatham Children


When Adelicia married her third husband, Dr. William Archer Cheatham, she became step mother to his two children born to he and his wife, Mary Ready Cheatham. The first Mrs. Cheatham passed away during the Civil War.

Mattie Cheatham 1853 - 1919
Mattie was a teenager when she came to live at Belmont. Soon after she began school at Patapsco Female Institute in Maryland. As a young woman, she married Thomas Weaver in 1872 with a ceremony held at Belmont. She became mother to five children.

Richard Cheatham 1855 - 1905
Richard, almost 12 when his father married Adelicia Acklen, would grow up to graduate from the University of Nashville with a degree in mathematics and natural philosophy. He went on to study medicine eventually practicing as a doctor in Nashville with his father. Richard married Miss Emma Berry of Nashville and they had one child.

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