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The Story of the House and Grounds

This house is the existing legacy of many lives: the Acklens who commissioned it, and the enslaved African Americans and European immigrants who built it and supported its operation. This house stands as testament to those lives. It is the place wherein their stories are recorded and shared.

Belmont Mansion Misc   June 30, 2017_66.
Belmont Mansion Misc   June 30, 2017_45.

The Civil War at Belmont Mansion

During the decisive Battle of Nashville  December 1864, Belmont Mansion was the headquarters for the 4th Corps of the U. S. Army of the Cumberland and witness to the unfolding of the battle that effectively ended the Civil War in the Western Theater. 

Belmont Mansion -  Gen. Wood's Field Off

Blogging at Belmont Mansion

From stories of the people who lived here to details of the restoration of the house Belmont Mansion blog posts help to deepen the understanding of this place and its past.

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