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Acklen Children naturalist setting

Photographer: Augustin Aimé Joseph Le Jeune
Studio: Levitsky
Backmark: Levitsky 22 Rue di Choiseul
Place: Paris, France
Date: 1865-1866
Possible Provenance: Adelicia to her sister Corinne Hayes Lawrence to her daughter Katherine Lawrence Poyntze to her daughter Mary Poyntz Scott to her daughter Katherine Scott Kator to her daughter Mary Kator by gift to Belmont Mansion Association.

This photograph was made of the Acklen children on the Grand Tour in 1865-1866.

Carte-de-vistes, which are also commonly known as CDVs, consist of an albumen print (the first commercial printed paper image) attached to a heavier card. This CDV was made at the Levitsky studio 22 Rue de Choiseul in Paris. Count Sergei Lvovich Levitsky [Russian, 1819-1898] was one of Europe’s most important photographers and innovators. In 1864, when he left Paris he sold his studio to Augustin Aimé Joseph Le Jeune (French, act. 1864 – ca. 1885) who continued operating under the Levitsky name. In this photograph of the Acklen children Le Jeune used one of Levitsky photograph introductions the interchangeable decorative background.

2016.06.05 by gift from Mary Kator

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