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Year: ca. 1866
Size: Height - 31”
2014.03.12 BMA Purchase

This bronze dore and porcelain candelabra is part of a pair and monogrammed “AA” matches Adelicia’s largest china service. Adelicia purchased a large set (over 500 pieces) of formal china serving 24 plus people, during her Grand Tour in 1865/66. The Escalier de Cristal, located in Paris was the premiere retailer of tableware in nineteenth century France. Before the advent of electricity light was an important element in entertaining. A surviving complimentary pair of now electrified carcel lamps could have also been used on the dining table. During the early 19th century serving multiple courses became popular which freed the center of the table for elaborate decorations such as these. Adelicia’s pair of candelabra and carcel lamps would have been accompanied by a large centerpiece which is no longer extant. Dispersed among other ornaments would have been several tazza holding molded foods, complemented by pairs of compotes holding fruit.

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