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Decanter and Glasses Set

Maker: Pittsburgh Type
Material: Flint Glass
Year: ca. 1840
Decanter: H. 10.25” with stopper
Wine Glass: H.4”
Champagne flute: H 6.5”
2014.03.11 BMA Purchase; 2014.05.67EL, & .68a-b EL The Mr. & Mrs. Franck Kaiser Collection

Both the age and style of these pieces suggest Isaac Franklin as the original owner. Adelicia would have known these items while mistress of Fairvue.

The Pittsburgh firm of Bakewell, Pears & Co. (1808-1882) was the major producer of this style of glass in United States. American firms in the early Republic often emulated the English designs but with bolder results.

This cylinder shaped decanter has a hollow mushroom stopper with three faceted neck-rings around a polygonal neck. The shoulder is decorated with wide cut flutes. Wide cut flutes are also used around the body of the decanter that terminate in cut circles. The circles are topped by eyebrow, or blazes decoration. The two surviving flute champagnes and one wine glass all have identical decorations and stand on a star cut foot. Originally there would have been six to twelve wines and the same number of champagnes. Matching tumblers could also be had.

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