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Faun with Kid

Italian, ca. 1853
H. 70”
Original location: South east side in front of the Family Dining Room
Location of original statue: Maddox Atrium [lower level] of Curb Event Center

Copies of classical Greek and Roman statues have always been popular for gardens. Faun With Kid is thought to be first made in bronze in the early third century B.C. Adelicia’s statue was modeled from the second century Roman copy of the original bronze found outside of Rome around 1675. It was then sold to the Queen of Sweden. In 1724 it was sold to Philip V of Spain, who in 1839 gave it to the Prado Museum in Madrid, where it remains today.

The statue was well known by 1850s from books and the numerous copies at Versailles, the French Academy, The Royal Academy in London, Chatsworth, and small biscuit figures by Sevres. It was much copied in bronze, lead and marble in 18th and 19th century. [Haskell, pp 211-212]

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