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Soup Spoons

Maker: Charles Alexander Burnett (worked 1788 - ca. 1840, d. 1849)
Material: American Coin Silver
Mark: C. A. Burnett
Year: ca. 1828-1840
Size: L. 7 ¼”
2014.05.20a-f EL The Mr. & Mrs. Franck H. Kaiser, Sr. Collection

From all accounts Burnett seems to have been one of the most prominent and prolific silversmiths of early the Washington D. C. area. He sold to presidents and other early leaders. He was active in Fredericksburg, Virginia from 1788-1793 and Alexandria from 1793 to 1796. He then moved to Georgetown where he employed a number of apprentices and from 1801 to 1806 he was in partnership with John E. Rigden. This spoon dates from his post-partnership period when he continued working in Georgetown till approximately 1840. Franklin had offices in nearby Alexandria, D. C. Someone of Franklin’s wealth would have been drawn to Burnett’s shop for his flatware purchases. Surviving is a set of six fiddle back spoons bear Franklin’s monogram. They are further embellished with a scalloped shell motif on the handle.

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