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Vase with Bisque Figures

Porcelain with bisque figure
H. 26 ½”
ca. 1850
Provence: Adelicia to her daughter Pauline Lockett; to her daughter, Pauline Kaiser; to her son, Frank Kaiser; to his wife, Beverly Kaiser; by purchase to Belmont Mansion
2014.03.15 BMA Purchase

While the form of this vase is the height of Victoria excess, the painted scene harks back to the eighteenth century with figures dressed in costumes of that era. Coupled with this design is an applied bisque figure referencing the great Serves porcelains of that earlier period. Beginning in the middle of the nineteenth century French porcelains would reference design elements of the eighteenth century porcelains. As the century progressed more and more direct copying of eighteenth century pieces occurred. While this type of porcelain is usually referred to as Old Paris Porcelain most like was made in Limoges, France.

This vase was one of a pair and most likely used on a mantel.

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