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Preserving Belmont Mansion

The restoration and preservation of Belmont Mansion is a long, detailed process based upon research and investigation which utilizes artisans and craftsmen skilled in the decorative arts techniques popular in the 19th century.  

Restoration ~ One Room at a Time

Belmont Mansion's careful and detailed restoration is bringing back to life one of the largest homes of 19th century Tennessee, one room at a time. 

Belmont Mansion  Small Study  11-1-17_1b

The Restoration of the Grand Salon

Belmont Mansion's reputation reached new levels when architect Adolphus Heiman completed the Grand Salon in 1860 thereby creating the largest domestic interior space in the 19th century south. Today, a restoration of this room is ongoing.


Belmont Mansion Association

Begun in 1972, the mission of the Belmont Mansion Association has always been focused on the preservation of the mansion and the sharing of this story with visitors from around the world. 


Blogging at Belmont Mansion

The restoration and preservation work at Belmont Mansion is documented here through numerous entries on the individual projects that comprise the larger vision of the association. 

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