C. C. Giers Stereo Card-Grand Salon

Long an object of curiosity Belmont Mansion was first captured by a photographer after Nashville fell to the Union army in 1862. That image, offered on a CDV, was sold to soldiers as a souvenir in the newly occupied city. War was hardly the time to haul a cameraman’s equipment into the house, setting up for a series of interior views.

Exterior stereo card of the mansion.

By the 1870’s such restrictions were no longer in place. C. C. Giers a well-known Nashville photographer was either invited into the mansion by Adelicia, or talked his way inside. Views such as Giers Belmont interiors were often, printed and sold on stereo cards, quickly becoming the equivalent of a multi-page spread published by Architectural Digest in modern times.

Entry Hallway

Two stereo cards of the entry hallway