Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Belmont Mansion Association President Bonne Crigger, Dr. Albert Wardin, and Mark Brown

Bonne Crigger, Board President; Dr. Albert Wardin; and Mark Brown, Executive Director with The Commissioner's Award, May 10, 2017, Nashville, Tennessee


On Wednesday, May 10, 2017, the Metro Nashville Historical Commission honored Founding Member Dr. Albert Wardin and Belmont Mansion Executive Director Mark Brown with Lifetime Achievement Awards for their work with Belmont Mansion.

Belmont Mansion's journey towards a historic home and museum began in 1971 when then history professor, Dr. Albert Wardin, worked to have the site placed on the National Register of Historical Places. Dr. Wardin's passion for the beautiful antebellum home situated in the middle of Belmont College's campus was the catalyst needed to begin restoration efforts.

The following year Dr. Wardin, together with several Belmont College students and professors , created the Belmont Mansion Association. This committee began investigative work to explore the home's architectural features and find original furnishings.