Finding a Perfect Seat, a Beautiful View

Restoring the walls, hanging curtains and finding carpet were crucial to setting the backdrop for The Central Parlor, however two critical elements were also needed for the room: furniture and paintings. The original mirror had remained in the room as had the original Cornelius and Company gas chandelier. The best parlor suit that the Acklens had was made by John Henry Belter of New York. Currently eight of the known fourteen known pieces of this set are at Belmont. These pieces would have been used in the two “best parlors”

The small center table, the small sofa and chairs were placed in the Tete-a-Tete room leaving the pair of meridiennes and a pair of armless side chairs for the Central Parlor. Fortunately, another suit of parlor furniture was given to the mansion by Gloria Graves. This suit was made by Belter’s number one competitor Alexander Roux also of New York. One of Roux’s most elaborate patterns, Adelicia would not have been embarrassed by this suit of furniture. An original center table in the collection completed the furniture for the room.