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Artifacts Complete the Story

At Belmont Mansion, a home built to display Adelicia and Joseph Acklen's love of art, sculpture and the many forms of decorative art, artifacts are a critical part of the story. Our ongoing mission is to furnish this spectacular home as Adelicia and her family knew it so we can continue to share their story and the stories of 19th century Nashville. Below are a few of our current projects.

Sans Souci statue

Sans Souci by Chauncey B. Ives, purchased by Adelicia Acklen in Rome in 1866. 

Sans Souci Returned with her Toe in Her Hand

On a lighter note, we think of Sans Souci as the prodigal child of Belmont Mansion. This playful, careful girl and beloved member of the Acklen estate, wandered from home in search of fun. Her untold adventures may have led her astray for she returned home with her toe in her hand! So now, the home that loves her needs to provide some healing -- in addition to a good bath -- bless her heart!


Please help us! Your donation will help restore this girl to health (with the assistance of a trained conservator for as you can see below left we are ill equipped for such work!). 

Our goal is $2,000 to make her toe (which we have) and her foot one again. She'll also get a proper cleaning from the conservator. Your contribution will speed this mischievous girl's recovery!