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Center Gazebo

Maker: Janes, Beebe & Company, New York
Material: Cast and wrought iron
Date: ca. 1853

We believe this large center gazebo was installed soon after the initial construction of Belmont’s gardens and grounds. It is featured in the 1861 estate painting of Belmont and therefore was in place at least by the beginning of the Civil War.

The design is featured as illustration 4 in the 1870 catalogue of Janes, Kirtland, and Company [1]. That company was the successor to Janes, Beebe, & Co., believed to be the original maker of the structure. The catalogue entry shows the gazebo together with a standing cast iron aquarium. Early photographs of Belmont’s gazebo suggest that Adelicia Acklen purchased the aquarium, as well.

Early photographs and descriptions suggest that the gazebo was covered in climbing roses. This was a decorative element and would have added to the cooling effect of the structure.

[1] Ornamental Ironwork: Janes, Kirtland & Co. American Historical Catalog Collection.
The Pyne Press, Princeton. 1971

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