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Riches of the Sea

Artist:The School of Jan van Kessell (1626-1679), Flemish
Year: Late 17th Century
Medium: Oil on Wood
Size: Height - 32", Width - 39"
1993.03.02 EL On loan from the Noel family

Adelicia also owned this painting. We have no references to where it hung. Van Kessell was the son of a portrait painter Hieronymus van Kessell (1578-1636). His mother was Paschasie, daughter of the famous painter, Jan van Brueghel the elder. He was instructed by Simon de Vos (1603-1676) and by his uncle, Jan Brueghel the younger.

The subject matter of this painting is an allegory on water. This painting, along with Venus at the Forge of Vulcan, could have been part of a series on the four elements: water, air, earth and fire.

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