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Venus at the Forge of Vulcan

Artist: The school of Jan Brueghel the younger (1601-1678), Flemish.
Year: Late 17th Century.
Medium: Oil on Wood.
Size: Height - 32", Width - 39"
1993.03.03 EL On loan from the Noel family

Adelicia owned this painting and it hung in the Grand Salon. We are not able to hang the painting in that room today because of conservation reasons. During the middle of the nineteenth century, there was interest among more sophisticated art collectors for the 17th century Flemish and Dutch paintings. Those who went on the grand tour would sometimes be able to acquire some of these antique paintings to add to their collections. Brueghel was one of the leading painters of his day and his reputation has remained outstanding throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. The subject matter is from classical mythology.

The subject matter of this painting is an allegory on water. This painting, along with Riches of the Sea, could have been part of a series on the four elements: water, air, earth and fire. Vulcan and his forge was often used to represent fire.

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