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It’s Installed and It’s Beautiful

The long-awaited dream has become a reality. There is now a reproduced Tennessee chocolate marble mantel in the Billiard Room.

A mantel is the focal point of any historic room and a prominent architectural feature. Belmont’s Billiard Room mantel did not survive renovations made by the college in the 1890s.  When restoration work removed those 1890s additions, evidence of a chimney at the north end of the room appeared. Rehorn & Kelly Inc., a monument company here in Nashville, accepted the task of reproducing and installing a mantel known to have been in the mansion in 1860.

Chocolate marble is a native Tennessee stone found just west of Knoxville.  Installed on October 26, this reproduction mantel will be the highlight of Joseph Acklen’s Billiard Room. 

Come see for yourselves, we love it!


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